Tuesday, October 17, 2006



We've talked before about the reasons why you should start up a club in your high school. It would take initiative, but it would be easy. I think a good club would be a microcredit awareness club. It's a great idea to make the world a better place, and it doesn't take much to get started. You could sell donuts in the cafeteria at lunchtime to raise money, and loan the money on kiva.org. Seriously, go to the kiva website and see for yourself. It doesn't take much money to change people's lives.

It would be EASY to get school permission for something like that.

I've also talked about Muhammed Yunus with you before. I'm not sure if you heard, but he recently won the Nobel Peace Prize!!! If you haven't read the book Banker to The Poor, you should, and use it for a research paper you have to write sometime.

Here's a short video of them announcing that Mr. Yunus won the Nobel Peace Prize.

I was so happy to hear about this. Last year was the UN 'Year of Microcredit', and this year Muhammed Yunus wins the Nobel Peace Prize. It's about friggin time.



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