Tuesday, September 26, 2006



I just read a great article by Orson Scott Card about homework. I know, I know, it sounds just totally interesting to you, and you can hardly wait to read it. Would it help if I told you he's kind of anti-homework?

Here's the link.

My favorite paragraph:

Here's another reason some teachers hate homework -- and stop assigning it: Their own kids reach school age and start having to spend hours a night doing meaningless assignments. Both books record this phenomenon. Teachers who are also parents become quite skeptical of the value of homework when they see how it steals time from and ruins their relationships with their children.

Anyway, if you've got time you should check it out


Jay, thanks for stopping by my place, my coblogger is a major Romneyite and GOP political hack in Boston. As to homework, my dad was a HS math teacher and he added to my homework. He created homework before I had homework to do. I am thankfull today though!
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