Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Dear Samuel,

If you're interested in making some sweet moolah I've got an idea for you. Be a shoe shine guy.

Today I was setting up a mail room for a gigantic corporation up in Connecticut. I was working with the mail room staff to get the route books, policies and procedures together and I ran across these shoe shine guys.

The shoe shine guys travel around the business districts and shine people's shoes. I saw them up on the 7th floor, and they just worked their way down the building floors. They charge $5 per pair of shoes. They come by every Tuesday and Wednesday to this particular building. All they've got to do is shine 10 pairs of shoes and they've made fifty bucks. They moved through the building fairly quickly, but you could tell by the number of shoes they were polishing that they were making decent money. At this particular office park I'm in there are nine buildings right next to each other.

I'm telling you it's a great idea. It's pretty easy and definitely passes the McDonalds test.

Anyway, it's just an idea to kick around.



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