Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Dear Samuel,

Here's a song that you need to learn the lyrics to:

Ice Ice Baby - Vanilla Ice

Basically this song is the only cool song ever performed by Vanilla Ice. Everything else by him has sunk into mediocrity and if you were to play any other song by Vanilla Ice, nobody would recognize it.

Apparently Vanilla is a pretty normal guy now. I've seen him on VH1 and he seems to be a likeable person, who is in a stable marriage with a reasonable woman. That makes me happy for him. The Ice man will always be sort of cool, but he'll never have totally cool status. If you want to know some of the many reasons why, you need look no further than this book.

My theory is that Ice burned out early because he was this totally popular person, who was never quite convinced of his own coolness. Seriously, read the book and you'll see. He's constantly trying to convince the reader how cool he is. Trying to convince somebody else you're cool is one of the most un-cool things possible.

So take my advice. Memorize the lyrics to one of the coolest rap songs ever. Then soak up the pages of 'Ice By Ice' - autobiography of Vanilla Ice, and learn some great lessons of what not to do.

Word to your mother


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