Saturday, August 12, 2006


Dear Samuel,

I had a great time in High School. I felt like I had plenty of friends, got decent grades, and I eventually moved on to College, and graduated. Now, as you know I have two kids, a beautiful wife, live in a decent place, and have a decent job.

But I look back on some of the things I missed out on and I shake my head. There are a lot of things in the world that I have become aware of over the years, but never took advantage of, because I wasn't aware of them.

This blog is meant to introduce you to some of those things early enough so that if you're interested, you can take advantage of the opportunities that are there for you if you're interested. Or you can just keep doing what you're doing. No pressure. I'm under no delusions that these letters are going to change your life or something like that. This is just a forum where I can put the ideas out there so when I'm visiting Mom and Dad, I don't waste your time cornering you with things like "You know what sport you should play? Football!" Or "This is why you should run for student government." Or whatever. You're the captain of your own ship, and I want you to live your own life. So don't interpret any of what is to come as me telling you what to do.

I went to Yellowstone National Park a few years back. The guy who I went with had been to Yellowstone a lot of times before. The inexperienced Yellowstone attendees (us) all basically wanted to see Old Faithful, and a buffalo or an elk. Our guide took us to those places but he also took us to several other, cooler places in the park that we wouldn't have gone to on our own. He knew where the cool spots were, and where to stay away from, and it totally enhanced the time we spent up there.

I see myself in the same role. I'm like a guide on your ship. I don't tell you where to go, but I definitely want to make you aware of certain opportunities or pitfalls along the way.

Anyway, I'll talk to you later.


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