Monday, August 21, 2006



I know you perceive that you're far from needing / wanting to know about this stuff, but I was thinking about making a regular habit of telling you ways you can make money while you're a teenager, when you're in college, and after you graduate. It'll be a smattering of career profiles, business ideas, and low tech small capital teenager business ideas.

I actually googled 'teenager money making ideas' the other day and ran across this site: The Teenagers Guide To The Real World - By Marshall Brain. A great book that I'll probably buy. You can read about half of the chapters online. The funny thing is, I had planned out and outlined a similar book last week. I've got some different things to say than he does, but he brings an interesting, well informed perspective that you ought to check out.

Marshall Brain is best known for starting the website - you've seen that site right? Anyway you'll see that he also has a cool alternative energy blog, and cool blog about robots in the future, in addition to the book for teens.

I don't know if you have online access at anytime while you're actually at school, but if you're interested in checking out the teenagers guide to the real world, doing so at school would probably be a good idea.

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